Spotlight: Avro Business Jet

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Seats: 46     Speed: Up to 500 mph     Range: Up to 1280nm

Avro Business Jet

The Avro Business jet combines the cabin size and pricing of a scheduled airliner, with the flexibility and comfort of flying by private jet.

Known as "the whisper jet" it is one of the quietest regional airline jets in production and combined with excellent landing performance on short airfields, the Avro Business Jet offers passengers access to local airports closer to your destination.

The Avro Business Jet is ideal for journeys into and across Europe, performing excellently in traditional European weather conditions and offering a cruising speed of 500mph, cruising altitude of 29,000ft and a range of 1280nm, this aircraft is perfect for flying a large group on European flights, rather than using three separate small private aircraft.

Avro Business Jet

Passengers will start their journey in style with VIP catering on board and a fully stocked bar.

This private jet has a luxury configuration of just 46 seats (standard regional aircraft with a similar cabin size often have more than 80 seats in the same space) and a large seat pitch of 43" designed to offer significantly higher on board comfort. The jet can also carry up to 2 tonnes of luggage.

The Avro Business Jet is a converted airliner BAe146-200 series, with an improved cabin space and more efficient engines.

We've created some ideas for Avro Business Jet flights below, or call +44 (0)20 7100 6960 for a quote for your flight.
Per person prices are based on 46 passengers flying and hiring a whole aircraft. All prices are subject to availability.

Private jet flight to Paris

London - Paris - London from £414pp
Whole Aircraft Hire Price: £19 000
Passengers: 46
Flight Time: 45 minutes

Avro Business Jet flight to Edinburgh

London - Edinburgh - London from £479pp
Whole Aircraft Hire Price: £22 000
Passengers: 46
Flight Time: 1 hour

private flight to Geneva: ski flight

London - Geneva - London from £587pp
Whole Aircraft Hire Price: £27 000
Passengers: 46
Flight Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

How to charter an Avro Business Jet

Please call +44 (0)20 7100 6960 for an Avro Business Jet airliner private jet charter quote or business jet hire advice.
Per person prices are based on the price to hire a whole aircraft. All prices are subject to availability.

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