Can I take my dog in the cabin with me on a private jet?

Yes, in a private jet your animal can travel with you in the cabin, rather than separately in the hold.

There are specific requirements and documentation required for flying with animals which we can advise on. See more advice on flying with pets.

For private jet charter advice and prices call our 24 hour expert Flight Team on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 or search for instant estimate prices from your local airport using our flight search:


Q: Can I take my pet on a private jet?

A: Yes, pets can travel by private jet too. 

Unlike commercial airlines where they’d be in the cargo hold, in a private jet they can be in the cabin alongside you. 

Providing their documents are up to date, your animals can depart from the many pet friendly airports and enjoy being part of the private pet set.

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