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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - PRIVATE JET CHARTER

Overview summary

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe's busiest international airline hubs, but private jet customers bypass the main airport, flying in and out of the stylish and exclusive VIP terminal.

Amsterdam is a popular destination for both business and leisure travellers, in the centre of Europe.

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History - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Using a field as its main runway, Amsterdam Schiphol was opened as a military base in 1916, and first used for civil aircraft in 1920. By 1940 the field being used as a runway was replaced by 4 asphalt runways.

The name of the airport, Schiphol, was derived from a former fortification called Fort Schiphol which was part of the Stelling van Amsterdam defense works.

Now home to 6 runways (one of which is used for general aviation) Amsterdam Schiphol has transformed into one of Europe’s busiest airports, regularly in the top five.

Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Location of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol is located approximately 9 miles southwest of Amsterdam's city centre (a 20-minute drive).

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Facts

Call sign: AMS
Lat: 52.3080
Long: 4.7633
Elevation: -11ft
Runway distance available: 12467ft

Private jet charter prices to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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