Charter a A300 - Private Jet Charter

Large airliner for up to 250 passengers

Overview Summary

The first A300s were bought by Air France during the 1970s, and the aircraft remained a popular choice for airlines until production ceased in 2007.

The A300 was the first wide-bodied aircraft to have 2 engines. The design has influenced many of the modern airliners.


  • Larger passenger capacity with executive configuration seating
  • Fully equipped galley and bar with hot and cold food
  • Cabin crew to enhance safety and comfort
  • Built in toilets

Comfort & Size

It seats on average 250 passengers, with a seat pitch can be adapted in units of one inch. Galleys, lavatories and stowages can be located in different numbers, groupings and locations. In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowages. This allows an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors.


Speed447 kts
Range4160 nm
Luggage Capacity975 cu.ft.
Interior Height3.69 m
Interior Width2.16 m