Charter a Citation CJ2 - Private Jet Charter

The Citation CJ2 is an efficient, 6-seater light jet from Cessna and one of the aircraft available in our Light Jet Card programme.

Overview Summary

When Cessna redesigned their original and popular CJ1 private jet, known for its low operating costs and high performance, the result was the CJ2: Bigger, faster, and better. The cabin stretches an additional 33 inches, the wingspan an extra 35. It is faster than the CJ1 with a lower fuel-burn.


  • Ideal for flights of 1- 2 hours
  • 6 seat configuration
  • Private bathroom
  • Fully equipped mini bar

Comfort & Size

The cabin of the Citation CJ2 typically holds six passengers. Its three baggage compartments can carry a total of 1,100 pounds of luggage and there's a small luggage space inside the aircraft for access mid-flight. The seats are typically laid out in a club arrangement with two forward-facing seats. The CJ2 maintains the tradition of the Citation jet family: Economy, simplicity, and performance.


ModelCessna C525 Citation CJ2
ClassificationLight Jet
Speed389 kts
Range1400 nm
Luggage Capacity65 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.4 m
Interior Width1.4 m