PrivateFly Pilot Survey 2017

How do today’s pilots feel about their flying and jobs? How much do they earn? And what inspires them?

In November 2016, PrivateFly surveyed over a thousand global pilots – from across the aviation spectrum, including airlines, private aviation, cargo and military.

We have produced a white paper with the full findings from the survey. This report gives a fascinating snapshot of today’s pilot.

Key findings of the PrivateFly Pilot Survey 2017 white paper include:

  • The most common earning band for pilots is £40,000 - £70,000, the same as a London tube driver.
  • 76% say they have wanted to fly since childhood.
  • 87% of working pilots report feeling secure in their job. This is an increase against the 72% seen in a similar survey in 2012.
  • A global shortage of pilots is the biggest challenge the aviation industry faces in the next five years, according to the survey.
  • The average pilot has visited 25 countries, with Australia and New Zealand as their favourites.
  • Just 3% of the pilots taking part were female, in line with industry averages.
  • Pilots tell PrivateFly what they most love about their job, ranging from the philosophical to the practical.
  • And much more…

To receive a PDF copy of the PrivateFly Pilot Survey 2017 white paper, email us at

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